YOU MAWO - Welcome to the future!

The idea for the collection came six years ago, when the young designers were on one of their numerous backpacking trips. During a stay in Thailand, the idea was born on a lonely beach in Kho Phangan. One evening, the friends sat together and wondered what drives them to travel to new exotic places again and again. The conclusion was that they were fascinated by the magic of our world, which is so diverse and versatile.

The collection is sintered by a 3D laser.The basic design, which has been technically and dynamically optimized, is based on the analysis of hundreds of faces.This is how the average facial geometry of the target group is incorporated into the design process.The end product is a unique symbiosis of man and science, craft and technology.

Of course, the glasses can also be adjusted individually to every face. This is done by capturing the customer's facial topography. By using the latest generation of "infrared scanner technology" highest scanning precision is guaranteed, which creates the basis for further processing of the glasses. The Portable Scanner uses an Ipad and our own developed IOS app. Curious? Then come over and let yourself be inspired!

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