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The visual acuity changes constantly over time. For this reason, the eye test as well as the eyeglass lens determination are important measures and ensure that the current performance of your eyes remains at an optimal level. This is the only way to guarantee that your vision will remain clear and sharp in the future and that it can meet the demands of today's fast-paced everyday life.

Eye test standard:

Eye test to determine your current correction values. We measure your eyes with the modern DNEye scanner. Time required approx. 20min.

Rate: CHF 53.00

Eye test extended:

We measure your eyes with the modern DNEye scanner, judge with the slit lamp the outer eye section and see if your eyes have a 3D-view. Time required approx. 30min.

Rate: CHF 75.00

Detailed eye test including health check:

In addition to measuring your eyes with the DNEye scanner, we make a detailed health check including eye pressure measurement and RetinaScan. Time required approx. 40min.

Rate: CHF 95.00


Contact lenses initial adjustment

Initial adjustments of contact lenses are indispensable for a good feeling, but also for healthy eyes. Here, all the most essential details are discussed around the planned area of ​​operation, the intended duration of wear and the personal visual impairment. Time required approx. 60min.

Rate: from CHF 179.00


Contact lenses check-up

Optimal performance is especially important with regard to contact lenses. Because only in this way can they meet the high visual requirements in everyday life and maintain the wearing comfort. A regular follow-up of contact lenses is therefore an important measure. Time required approx. 30min.

Rate: CHF 75.00




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