GLASSY by Dynoptic

The perfect complement to your style

Glasses are no longer just a means to an end. In recent years they have rather developed from a single vision aid to a fashion accessory. Are you also looking for the perfect pair of glasses that perfectly complements your personal style and gives it that certain something?

Glassy glasses are the perfect addition to your individual style. Our women's and men's glasses also guarantee fair and attractive prices without losing any quality. In this way it is possible for you to try out different trends as you wish and to give your style even more effect with one, two or three glasses. Because honestly: Who can say no at these prices?

Mod. Basel transparent havanna

With Glassy you enjoy maximum comfort at every level: from selection to delivery and customization. Order the glasses comfortably and easily to your home and try them on. If you still question the right choice, you can contact us at any time, because every pair of glasses is also available at our shop!


Glasses including quality glass from CHF 195.00




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