Dry Eye Syndrom

When dry eyes become agony

Cigarette smoke, air conditioning, computer work. These are only three of many external causes of dry eyes. What doctors call the Sicca syndrome can quickly become a plague for those affected. The constant itching and the permanent eyebrow makes one nearly go mad. In addition: reddened conjunctiva and a discomfotable eyelids. Often it feels like sand in the eye.

The Sicca's syndrome is defined as the chronic dry eye, the tear film is almost missing. There is simple a subfunction of the glandular or the tear film is not properly composed. As a result, the eyelids can no longer glide smoothly over the cornea during a blink sequence. They "scratch" across the cornea, almost like a stuttering car windshield wiper over the dry windscreen. However, the scratching is not just unpleasant: it can promote inflammation and infection and lead to damage to the cornea, which can harm the eyesight.

So what to do with dry eyes? The most common treatment method is the use of drops or ointments you can get at Messner Optik. This replaces the missing tear film and improves the composition. The preparations for the treatment of dry eyes are mostly viscous, so that they remain more long on the eyes. This may restrict the visual acuity shortly after the application, but has a long-term effect of better lubrication.

If you feel that the eyes are too dry for a longer period of time, it is advisable to consult an eye doctor. The Sicca syndrome is widespread. About 10 percent of the population is affected. Every third patient visits the eye doctor because of dry eyes. Internal causes may include the Sicca syndrome, such as insufficient sleep, vitamin A deficiency, or diseases such as Parkinson's disease, rheumatism, atopic dermatitis, and others associated with reduced production of tear fluid.

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